Now Offering Payment Plans for the Shooting and Editing Course!

Now it's even more of a no brainer to dive right in!


This course can be life changing for someone starting out in the photography world. It truly will set you up so well for success. Invest in yourself and where you are a year from now be incredible compared to now.

Brought to you by Full Time Educator and Photographer, Jacqueline Fugatt

I shot my first wedding 3 months after purchasing my first camera. I invested in education for myself FIRST THING and I absolutely attribute that to my jumpstarted success. I have been full time since 2019, just 2 years after picking my camera up for the first time. I am only a few steps ahead of you on this journey- I still remember day one and what it was like from then to get to where I am now. Skip all of my mistakes and put your best foot forward through Moonrise Education! I cannot wait to show you the ropes.


Don't want to leave your day job? A side hustle with photography is still such an amazing thing to jump in to!

Let's do some math. A side hustle that brings in $300/month is an additional $3,600 a year. An average photography session is $350. Do one shoot a month & make that MINIMUM. Take your family on vacation, update your house, pay school tuition, buy the concert tickets, get the shoes. The options are endless.


I always had the thought in the back of my head that I would love photography & that I could make it into my full time job. It took me YEARS to finally give it a chance. I wish I would've started SO much sooner. Don't be like me- take the leap TODAY


"Absolutely a must have course for anyone starting to learn photography!


Jacqueline is an incredible teacher and offers her experience and expertise in a fun + casual way that makes all the info less daunting. Worth every penny.

"She gave me the best advice when she told me to take more risks"

Mary Cabel

When I saw Jacqueline offered mentorships, I was over the moon excited. Not only because her business is booming and she’s so talented, but also because she’s very open and approachable. I learned so much about different editing techniques, tips for shooting weddings and having confidence for any and all light situations. She probably gave me the best piece of advice when she told me to take more risks. I would encourage anyone is thinking about it to take the leap. You won't regret it!

" Within a month I was able to make back 3x what the course cost!"

Victoria R

Taking Moonrise Academy’s Shooting and Editing Course was the best decision I made for my photography career! I had NO clue how to even use a camera before taking the course, and now less then a month I’ve had over 15 clients reach out and book me for this year! Within a month I was able to make back 3x what the course cost, especially with Jacqueline having a $75 off special on the course- it was a no brainer that NOW was the time to invest in myself and take this course. She has been so helpful will ALL my questions before, during, and after. Highly recommend it to anyone starting out!


This curriculum is so comprehensive & covers so much. I hold nothing back & give you ALL the good good.

  • Shooting

    Learn how to fo from auto to manual in no time. Gain confidence behind the camera & learn how to take a perfect photo every single time. Learn how to shoot in all types of lighting. Learn how to compose your photos to add depth to your images & draw your eye to your subject. Truly learn how to create work you're proud of.

  • Editing

    One of the hardest things about photography is defining your style. I show you how I defined mine, how I edit, and how the way I shoot sets me up for my editing to stay consistent. I share with you how I sort through my photos, how I organize them, how I upload them, and how I deliver to a client. I truly show you everything ti show up as a professional from day one.

  • Live from a Shoot

    BONUS! I take you on location with me so I can truly show you a hands on approach for how I shoot. I show you how I find lighting to take a perfect photo every time. I also show you how I shoot in trickier and more dynamic light, how I plan out my sessions routes, and how I communicate that to a client.

Is the Shooting and Editing Course right for you?

This barely scratches the surface on what this course covers. If you answer "yes!" to any of these, this course is right for you!

  • Do you want to go from shooting in auto to shooting in manual?

  • Do you want to gain confidence shooting in many different lighting scenarios?

  • Do you want a deeper understand of how your camera settings work

  • Do you need help getting organized after a shoot with a system to backup, organize, edit, and deliver your images?

  • Do you want to learn how to use Lightroom to edit your photos, and how to define a style in your editing?

It's Time To Take The Damn Leap.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Put yourself out there and see what could come of this photography thing!! I promise you'll be surprised by how quickly you can improve. I guarantee if you put into to action the lessons from this course, you can be making money and creating work you LOVE in no time! The possibilities are endless! Time freedom, extra money to support your family, doing something you love, the hope of one day leaving the 9-5. I got you and I am here to support you every step of the way!!


You are more than capable.